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FMM #fireangel Project

FMM #fireangel Project

After a year of working on our Circle of Angels project, we've become pretty nimble when it comes to just "making it happen" when it comes to unexpected (large) projects. In a way I think we are always on the ready - just in case - there is a reason to place a massive crystal order, gather a handful of volunteers and just get making angels. News of the recent and most tragic wildfire that ravaged Ft. McMurray this month set us into this sequence of events in no time. As people were being evacuated (all 80,000 residents)...we were designing our special little "regrowth" angel that was to symbolize all of that and more. We knew the crisis was just beginning, but our project is largely about instilling hope. We wanted to be at the ready with a little symbol for those impacted by the fires - to let them know we, like so many Albertans (and Canadians, for that matter) were going to be there for the rebuilding. 

And now - fast forward a few weeks - I've just made the largest mail out of angels in our project's history. Seriously - the Canada Post receipt was over 2.5 metres long! We've already raised over $2,000 through this impromptu project and we'll be splitting these dollars between the Ft. McMurray SPCA and the Salvation Army. It's been a flurry of activity...a wee bit of stress...but as rewarding too.

So here's the thing... we know this little project is a mere drop in the bucket. Two thousand dollars is really lost when you consider all the funds that have been raised by the collective efforts of Canadians. Some might ask..."why bother?"...and to that we will always say..."because we can". If you can help someone...then you must. Kindness is not measured in terms of size of acts, but in terms of frequency and sincerity. It is a way of being - and if you're just going to be that way, then when an opportunity presents MUST act in any way that they can. Really...we didn't do that much. We simply provided the tools, supplies and venue. It was our 15+ volunteers that made the magic happen. It was CTV News Edmonton that came all this way to share our piece of the story. It was the MANY individuals that ordered an angel or two (or TEN) because the story touched them in some way. Once again - life is showing us just how we are ARE stronger together.

I'm very near finished our Circle of Angels homepage...and more stories will be available there very soon. KEMBA has truly just been the original spawning place for the angels to launch from, and yet it has become an integral part of my little company's pay-it-forward at every opportunity...and create little treasures and story-tellers that make a matter how small. #albertastrong