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The EPS Angels Project

They say that it often takes a tragedy for us to realize just how blessed we really are. Well - if that's the case then I hope we never again forget just how much our valued first responders mean to us. Many of you will have heard of Constable Daniel Woodall with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS). Very tragically - he was killed in the line of duty on June 8th, 2015. Our city has come together in such a way over this loss - that really - it seems true that compassion and kindness can heal. Our streets are lined with blue ribbons as a tribute to him, his family, and our EPS members. Children in schools have been making artwork and cards for police officers. Strangers have been coming together to bake cookies and cupcakes to share at the police stations. Just today at the scene of a minor car crash, we saw people in their cars roll down their windows to reach out and shake the hands of the officers directing traffic. It's enough to inspire anyone - and certainly fills one's heart with hope, love, and gratitude. I'm so very proud to be and Edmontonian - especially in light of this tragedy - and in light of the coming together of our community. So - with that inspiration, and in the spirit of paying forward kindness - which is what our Circle of Angels is all about...we decided to take on a massive project that would see an Angel made for every single member and volunteer of our EPS. We did it! Mission accomplished on Friday, June 19th, with the help of some amazing 50 or so volunteers, donations of space and food, and well - a whole lot of love and gratitude. Now - we are working to raise donations to help put towards the cost of our supplies and to also donate some cash directly to the Woodall family. Our goal? $5,000. We're about half way there - thanks to a lot of individual donors, as well as a few large corporate donations. The largest of all came in today...from CGI Consulting for $1,000. If we get to $3,000 - we have another corporate donor willing to throw in another $2,000. Absolutely incredible generosity being shown and we are somewhat overwhelmed with the response we've received so far. Great support from our media as well, including CTV News (see video here) and CBC News Radio Edmonton. You're awesome!! So thank you #yeg - for helping with everything that has gone along with #EPSStrong and our #CircleofAngels project. It's been magical! xx
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