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Kristen Edmiston, jewelry designer wearing bracelets and necklaces that she makes and sells.

Kemba Designs owner/designer Kristen Edmiston started creating jewelry from a place of pure creative passion and joy. As she shared her joy with others and began incorporating deeper meanings into her designs, that passion turned into a business. Kristen designs with 3 key values in mind.


"Our life stories are all unique and they are ALL BEAUTIFUL. Different sounds, smells, colors, textures, etc. can hold special meaning within our stories. The touch of a specific gem or wooden bead, the sparkle of crystal or symbolism of a little charm can help us stay connected to our stories and memories through our treasured jewelry. Kemba Designs incorporates the little things that matter most."


"In the land of IMAGINATION we are free to live out our dreams, to play and try new things. Kemba Designs always starts with a little sprinkle of imagination and magic when the jewelry is created. We encourage you to live, laugh. love... let go, have fun and feel free to express your TRUE self."


"Kindness through words has power, but that power is MULTIPLIED when kindness is expressed through ACTION. Kemba Designs believes in spreading love, hope and joy to others through ACTS of compassion, celebration and gratitude. Help us spread for LOVE in the world."

Kristen is a kind soul who wants to do her part to make the world a better place by spreading love, compassion and encouragement to others. Thanks for stopping by!