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What is KEMBA Designs all about?

  • Kemba jewelry pieces are intended to be both beautiful AND meaningful. Our mission is to inspire other women to follow their joy and share their stories. As a company, our values are really quite simple:

    • Beauty through Story

    • Freedom through Imagination

    • Kindness through Action

  • We believe that we are stronger together and we believe in supporting other women entrepreneurs in their own ventures.  

  • We believe in honouring the many facets of our lives. We are more than what's on the surface. More than our roles and titles. More than any limitations placed upon us. And so - Kemba Designs are intended to be so much more than an accessory.

Are Kemba Designs all hand crafted by the designer?

  • Yes - each and every jewelry item here was made by Kristen. Some designers chose to create their original design or pattern and then outsource the actual "building" of the jewelry pieces elsewhere but we believe the value of hand-made far outweighs the convenience of mass production.

What if I see a design that I like but it is sold out? What does "OOAK" mean?

  • Most Kemba Designs are "One of a Kind" or OOAK. This is for a few reasons, first and foremost because we think unique jewelry designs are extra special! Upon special request, we may be able to make you something similar to a sold out design that you've seen - just ask! Your best bet is to GRAB your favourite jewelry pieces while you can. In doing so, you can trust that the piece you're wearing is ultra unique and ultra special! New designs are being added all the time, so if you don't want to miss out, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to our Newsletter...

Is there an option to pick up my items in person and avoid shipping costs?

  • Absolutely. If you live in the Edmonton area, please select "local pick up" as a shipping option to have the shipping charges waived. Email me regarding an in-person pick up and I'm happy to save you the postage! Shipping charges in Canada are $10.00 (free on orders over $100), to the US $15.00 (includes tracking) and $15.00 to all other countries.

What if the jewelry item doesn't fit - are sizing options available?

  • Yes - each product description provides approximate measurements so you'll have a good idea how the piece will fit even before it arrives. Some pieces are easier to size than others though - so if you see a design here that you like but you need a different size, better off to contact us so that we can either re-size or re-create a similar piece for you that will fit perfectly!

How do I go about getting a custom design made?

  • It's easier than you think! A good place to start is to jot down a few thoughts that come to mind when you envision your custom made piece. Who is it for? Do you want it to hold a special meaning? Do you/they prefer silver, gold, copper, or brass tones? Do you want it for special occasions or for every day use? Then, just drop me an email with your inquiry and any preferences you can provide and I'll get back in touch with you to take it to the next step. Just about anything is possible! Prices for custom pieces will be in line with what you find here on the website, unless there are special order or extraordinary material requirements. I will gladly sort through that with you before we agree to go ahead though, so no risk in checking this option out.

What materials and supplies are used in Kemba Designs?

  • The short answer is - it varies. I love working with all kinds and types of beads, ranging from glass to crystal, to natural stones and wood or seeds/nuts. Wire work is typically copper, steel, or silver/gold plated, as are chains. Earring wires are typically surgical steel or sterling silver, given the common sensitivities out there. I also work with metal stamping, leather work, and weaving too - so really the sky is the limit when it comes to materials and supplies. I have an every turning inventory in my studio, so there will always be variety in my designs.

Do you make jewelry for children?

  • No - while sometimes the pieces you'll find here have just enough whimsy that they may seem like a fun idea for a child, Kemba designs are intended for adults only. 

Are there special care instructions for Kemba jewelry items?

  • Not really - but common sense should prevail. If there is silver in the design (sterling or plated) - it will tarnish over time. That's an easy fix though - a bit of polishing with a silver cleaner or a buffing cloth and your piece should look bright and shiny again in no time. I also recommend storing your items in a small plastic storage bag if you're not going to be wearing it for a while. As with most jewelry - it's a also a good idea to avoid exposure to excessive moisture, soap, or other cosmetics. Just a few ideas to help keep your jewelry looking as good as new for as long as possible.

What's your refund policy?
  • Should you not be satisfied with your item, I am happy to accept returns within 30 days of a purchase so long as it has not been worn. If sizing or repairs are required (and possible), I'll work with you to get it right also. Best to drop me an email to let me know what your concerns are so we can figure out a solution together.