A Circle of Angels

crystal angel charms to give people love and hope through a circle of angels

A Circle of Angels was started by Kemba Designs Owner/Designer Kristen and her sister Beverly when their father was in the end stages of illness with a terminal brain tumour in December of 2014. He was brave and strong, and an inspiration to us all. He had so many reasons to be angry and disheartened - yet he drew tremendous strength from accepting and appreciating the positives in every single day. He wanted to leave his dear friends with a meaningful gift that represented both his love and his gratitude, and so the first set of Angels were created.

Knowing that there are so many others going through harder times and could use a little hope, strength, or encouragement we want to continue to grow the Circle of Angels that started with Kristen and Bev's story.

How To Help The Circle Grow:

- purchase an Angel (or a bunch) to give to someone who needs a reminder that they are loved and supported. PURCHASE AN ANGEL

- join the Circle of Angels Facebook Page for updates and special stories on how the Circle is growing.

- let us know if you would like to volunteer your time and help us make the angels.
Email info@ACircleofAngels.com if you would like to help.

They are all handmade and proceeds will be donated to three different charities: the Angels Anonymous Connection, which is a charitable organization that is dedicated to helping terminally ill adults fulfill one final dream; the Alberta Cancer Foundation; or the Alberta Lupus Society

Thank you, friends - for joining us, supporting us, and believing in the power of positivity. Imagine our world if we focused on all the blessings in our lives - big and small - instead of what's missing. Imagine what our days would be filled with if we recognized all that we had to be grateful for - which would simply make what we have - enough. Imagine if we were always there for each other - strangers, friends, colleagues, neighbours...to stand by one another in our times of need. It could be a beautiful thing - and we hope you'll want to be a part of it.

Be sure to check out our A Circle of Angels website too!

(Picture of Kristen and Bev's Dad below, with the first 'round' of angels - Nov/14)