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A Circle of Angels

 crystal angel charms to give people love and hope through a circle of angels

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The Story Behind A Circle of Angels

The Circle of Angels was started by Kemba Designs Owner/Designer Kristen and her sister Beverley when their father was in the end stages of illness with a terminal brain tumour (Glioblastoma) in December of 2014. He was brave and strong, and an inspiration to us all. He had so many reasons to be angry and disheartened - yet he drew tremendous strength from accepting and appreciating the positives in every single day. He wanted to leave his dear friends with a meaningful gift that represented both his love and his gratitude, and so the first set of angel charms were created. Standing not much more than an inch tall, these sparkly Austrian Crystal angels became something very special and symbolic of all the love and support and kindness that helps to get us through the tough times.

The story of the angels caught on and we were asked to make angels for others stories too. Kristen and Beverley promised their father that they'd continue with the angels - so long as they helped others and knowing that there are so many others going through harder times and could use a little hope, strength, or encouragement they've grown the Circle far and wide around the world.

The Circle of Angels has grown into a beautiful pay-it-forward kindness project that's been sharing love, hope, and kindness for over 8 years. We make small crystal charms (angels, dragonflies, Christmas ornaments, sun catchers and more) - with love - and we donate the proceeds to different charitable causes. We've held several large-scale kindness and angel-making projects and together, with our Circle of Angels community, we've really found a way to be stronger together. It is truly humbling to see how far our Circle has grown.

Our charms are all handmade and proceeds are typically donated to three different charities: the Angels Anonymous Connection, which is a charitable organization that is dedicated to helping terminally ill adults fulfill one final dream; the Alberta Cancer Foundation; or the Lupus Society of Alberta. We support various other charitable causes too and we frequently come up with special edition projects.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of then we encourage you to follow along on our Instagram Feed and our Facebook Page so you can stay in the loop on all of our latest angel stories and projects. 

Learn more on our official Circle of Angels website and explore hundreds of examples of angel charms we've made over the years. Yes - many of them are custom orders. 

You'll find all of our available charm options right here in our Kemba Shop but please feel free to reach out with your specific requests for colours, charms, or any other ideas you may have!

To make a special request or to get your name on our list of volunteers in the Circle, please email us! 

Thank you, friends - for joining us, supporting us, and believing in the power of positivity. Imagine our world if we focused on all the blessings in our lives - big and small - instead of what's missing. Imagine what our days would be filled with if we recognized all that we had to be grateful for - which would simply make what we have - enough. Imagine if we were always there for each other - strangers, friends, colleagues, stand by one another in our times of need. It could be a beautiful thing - and we hope you'll want to be a part of it.

(Picture of Kristen and Bev's Dad below, with the first 'round' of angels - Nov/14)