There's a story here...and we hope you'll become a part of it Please read more about A Circle of Angels HERE.

Each Angel can hold a special meaning to the giver - or to the receiver. They are often shared as a gift of "thanks" for the love and support that people so willingly offer when we are in a time of need. They can also be meant to inspire strength and courage for someone that is going through a difficult time.

Each Angel comes packaged in a small display box, ready to give away or to keep all for yourself. We are encouraging everyone who receives an Angel to join our "Circle of Angels". Simply go to our Facebook page, post a picture of your Angel and share your story. Who gave it to you? What does it mean to you? Do you plan on giving it away? What are you grateful for? By doing this, we are creating a beautiful network of Angels together. Together we are stronger - and that is a beautiful thing.

You can read  A Circle of Angels website for more information and inspiring stories.

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